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Homeless Project

In 2009 Nishkam SWAT trustees discovered over 200 homeless people in our local area, Southall in Middlesex.  This problem was deep rooted and complex involving many associated issues such as immigration status, addiction, alcohol and mental health - something we had had no previous experience of dealing with, it was all a whole new world for us.  We looked at the council to help, faith leaders, the police and rapidly explored every avenue available to us but ultimately all roads led back to us - we acknowledged we had a shared responsibility to help and to make a positive change in the lives of those living on the streets.  We felt compelled to help as our duty as good citizens to serve in the communities we live in.  Ironically, we were naive to realise that this project would turn out to be the biggest of all our projects!  This was the start of the Homeless Project.
This wonderful hope filled journey of compassion started when one homeless man extended his arm towards us for help, he then gave us exclusive access us to a hidden homeless community of over 200 men of all ages living on the street, under bridges, in refuse collection rooms, all with different and complex issues.  These men all had pride, none of them wanted to be seen as victims but with homelessness comes a host of associated problems often being a downward spiral without adequate care and rehabilitation.  During the next four years we battled with local agencies ranging from the police to the council, immigration, health services, drug support charities, the list goes on to help and provide support and care for this 'forgotten community'. Finally in 2012 with the awareness raised from media outlets including the BBC and national mainstream newspapers the situation was at a place where we felt was 'controlled’ with the problem reduced to just a handful mainly men living on the streets in Southall who were still being supported by our now fully flourished network of over 150 volunteers.
We then felt redundant, over these 4 years we had built up a huge resource from some major blue chip organisations, rather than to call them and say our work was over we decided to take the message of our Guru and the ethos of our work to the wider audience to Central London, from 1 day a week we very quickly started another and then another. From one location we setup our next location which was Camden, and so we started setting up outreach services for the homeless and less fortunate organically, where the need was most.
At this point, the organisation then came to a pivotal point of its evolution.  As a team we felt redundant, over these 4 years we had built up a mammoth resource network from some major blue chip organisations such as blankets donated by British Airways or the constant supply of energy drinks from GlaxoSmithKline, rather than to call them and say our work has concluded we decided to take the message of Guru Nanak of serving others less fortunate to the wider audience.  The service we provide is not tailored to a specific community or ethnic group, we are an all inclusive faith based and value led charity serving all of humanity regardless of caste, creed, colour or faith.  This then brought us to Central London.  We started serving once a week on the Strand which is a stone throw away from the famous Trafalgar Square amongst the hustle and bustle of office workers and tourists who could very clearly see the need for the service with us serving up to 300 people at one single session.  We then very quickly added another outreach session and then another and then another. With the help of our network of dedicated volunteers we were able to expand our locations so we were able to reach and help even more people we setup our next location which was Camden, and so we started setting up outreach services for the homeless and less fortunate organically, where the need was most. Today we are blessed to be serving in 21 locations, 28 times a week in the following locations:
Strand - 7:30pm
Slough/Windsor - 7:00pm
Camden - 7:30pm
Shoreditch - 7:30pm
Bristol - 6:30pm
Strand - 7:30pm
Oxford - 7:30pm
Croydon - 7:30pm
Strand - 7:30pm
Slough/Windsor - 7:00pm
Reading - 7:00pm
Southall - 7:30pm
Ilford - 7:30pm
Southampton - 7:00pm
Strand - 7:30pm
Oxford - 7:30pm
Stratford - 7:30pm
Colchester - 8:00pm
King's Cross - 7:30pm
Oxford - 7:00pm
Finsbury Park
Lancaster - 6:30pm
Birmingham - 7:00pm
Swindon - 7:00pm
Strand - 6:00pm
Milton Keynes - 6:00pm
Reading - 6:00pm
Birmingham - 7:00pm
Buenos Aires (Argentina) -11:00am
Service once a month
Trafalgar Square
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Nishkam SWAT Project Recovery

Launching in 2019, Project Recovery has been set up to provide support and guidance to anyone who is suffering or impacted by alcohol or substance addiction, and encourage them to begin a life of recovery or find solace from our network of support.
Run solely by volunteers and with the blessings of Waheguru Ji, Project Recovery aims:
- To raise awareness of alcohol and substance addiction
- Encourage those who are suffering to reach out for support and guidance
In many communities, alcohol and substance addiction can be a taboo subject, which can prevent individuals and/or their families to ask for help. Project Recovery, will breakdown these barriers through our education programme and provide an easily accessible route to asking for help by contacting our confidential Helpline.
The Helpline will be operational in early 2019. However if you require support now, please do not suffer in silence and contact a member of our team at
The first step towards recovering from any addiction is admitting to yourself there is a problem.
You are not alone “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”
Project Recovery’s success can only be achieved through the support and commitment of our dedicated volunteers. As a result we are always looking for volunteers to get involved and help support the delivery of this project.
We require volunteers for a variety of roles, which include fundraising, marketing, project administration and Helpline support.
We also require the support of those who have experience or exposure in dealing with alcohol or substance addiction and are willing to help others begin their recovery journey.
If you have any professional or personal life experience that you feel could contribute towards this project, please contact us at
There are many ways to donate
We need your help in order to ensure Project Recovery can meet its objective and help as many people as possible.
Our future goals are to:
- Provide a 24-hour confidential Helpline for adults who require support with alcohol or substance addiction or have a family member that requires help.
- Provide recovery meetings using a proven method to help those still suffering.
- Establish a network of support for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking and or substance use.
- Establish treatment centres that will diagnose and provide treatment for individuals suffering from alcohol and substance addiction.
TEXT: SWAT15 and the amount you want to donate to 70070.
Alternatively, please donate via in either a one off donation or you can set up a standing order to give monthly for a set period of time.
We really appreciate any donation you can give towards the project to give back to the community and encourage individuals and families to seek help.

Elderly Care Project

The elderly care project was established in 2014 to honour one of our youngest donors to Nishkam SWAT. As it transpired, one of our youngest supporters contributed and inspired us to provide love care and support for the oldest in our community.
The project is extremely close to our hearts where volunteers come together to meet, care and listen to the elderly residents residing in care homes - some of whom have no surviving family or friends to visit them. The project currently focuses around visiting two care homes on a Saturday morning, carried out fortnightly. One of the care homes has residents who prominently suffer from dementia and can often show signs of challenging behaviour. This is where volunteers spend time talking, listening and reminiscing about fond memories.
The reason we chose to do this sewa is because the elderly, especially those in full time residential care can often be a forgotten about. We felt that the care and respect of the elderly should be given a priority and we wanted to raise awareness to others in our community of how lonely some residents actually are sadly a lot of the time in silence. This begs the question, that maybe one day it will be us in full time care, so wouldn’t it be nice to have someone coming to visit regularly us?  The gratitude and appreciation from the residents is always there in abundance conveyed with the beautiful thanks or smiles only similar to the love of a grandparent.
Short term Future aspirations are to grow from fortnightly to weekly sessions, and longer term goals include adding additional care homes to reach even more of the hearts of the elderly.
We have found this to be a very emotional project but also very a very needed and worthwhile experience. Who is helping who?
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Nishkam Healthcare

In 2017 the ambulance project developed from its embryonic stage to fully flourishment when our valued volunteers took part in the annual Nishkam SWAT 26 mile charity walk and raised a staggering £40k to purchase our first fully functional ambulance.
The efforts of our walkers have enabled the homeless & displaced get basic medical attention on the streets.  Every single penny raised went towards paying for the ambulance and medical supplies to support the basic medical and dental needs of a person living on the streets.  Yes they can walk in to an A&E department of a hospital for medical attention but often many are restricted by a host of different reasons, predominantly mental health related issues and no fixed abode.  They are often in a downward spiral whilst on the streets and habitually neglect their physical health with simple conditions going untreated which then develop into more serious and complex issues.
During the winter months we have been supported by Tesco Pharmacy who kindly donated flu jabs to be administered to all those living on the streets. We also use the ambulance as a mobile dentist surgery where we have dentists offering basic teeth checks and offering hygiene information whilst distributing toothbrushes, toothpaste and and mouthwash.
Future aspirations include extending the ambulance provision in the coming months to our other outreach locations including Slough, Reading, Oxford, Colchester and Brighton as well as supporting the mental health needs of our friends on the streets. As part of all of our projects to be able to serve wholeheartedly, selflessly and without ego is at the heart of what we encourage all of our volunteers to do. We are a value driven organisation with kindness, care, compassion at the core of all operations.
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If you wish to become a volunteer of any of our projects please get in contact. We welcome and value every volunteer, from all walks of life.


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